Telstra Voice and Data – Fixed lines, NBN, internet and Mobiles

We have specialist industry knowledge and ongoing commitment to delivering whole-of-business solutions across all areas of Voice, Mobility, Data and NBN.

Telstra is a telecommunications one stop where we can provide and assist all customers with all their needs and have plans for all business sizes.

Fixed Lines

Telstra offers the following Business Telephone and NBN line Solutions for customers who hold a current ABN/ACN or ARBN

  • BusinessLine Casual
  • BusinessLine Basic
  • BusinessLine Everyday
  • BusinessLine Max
  • BusinessLine Complete
  • T-Biz Voice Basic on the NBN
  • T-Biz Voice Casual on the NBN
  • T-Biz Voice Max on the NBN
  • T-Biz Voice Everyday on the NBN


Telstra offers the following Business Telephone Solutions for customers who hold a current ABN/ACN or ARBN

  • Telstra My Business Mobile SIM Plans
  • Telstra My Business Mobile Plans – Where you can add a handset of your choice and you have a range to choose from Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung and Telstra mobiles.
  • Telstra My Business Mobile Premium Plan – These are for those businesses who love to travel and thrive on mobile internet.
  • Telstra Connected Business mobile plans – These plans are designed for fleet companies or companies with various employees who need to have mobile phones for different purposes and the users on these plans can normally share their calling allowances.

Mobile Internet

Telstra gives their customers the option to add tablets or other devices to their mobile devices and in return allowing them to share their mobile data across the platform.

Fixed Broadband

Might it be ADSL, NBN or Fibre we can provide you all the solutions dependant on your needs and availability at your location. With our Telstra Business Broadband and Telstra Internet Direct plans.

Business Bundle Solutions

We can provide bundled solutions for our small business customers with our most popular range of Bizessentials and DOT on NBN plans.